CalCIMA members' commitment to environmental stewardship is exemplified by the wide variety of applications that they restore land to after producing aggregates and industrial minerals.

Aggregate and mineral lands have been reclaimed to nearly 50 different uses, particularly wetlands and wildlife habitat, open space, recreation, agriculture, and home and office park developments. During the 1990s over 33,000 acres were reclaimed statewide – comparable to the land size of the City and County of San Francisco

Reclamation near Winton
Reclaimed lands near Winton in Stanislaus County are farmed as a walnut orchard.

Reclamation Granite Park
Granite Park, a 100 acre site in Sacramento, has been reclaimed to hiking trails, cross country running course, soccer fields, and even a skateboarding park.

Reclamation San Joaquin
The San Joaquin River Parkway, Vulcan Materials Company, Fresno

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